7 Awesome Games Every Designer should Play.

Watching YouTube tutorials and reading blogs are the best ways to develop your designing skills. Those are the only ways to learn? Absolutely No.

Gaming is also another great method to learn designing in a playful way. So in this post I am going to share 7 awesome games every designer should play.

Typography, logo design, Colour identification, using of pen tool and more skills you can develop through playing these games.

All these games are totally free and some games no need to download. Use the desktop for get better experience.

1.The Boolean Game

This game will be helpful for developing logo designing skills. It gives a good understanding about creating custom shapes.

You have to create objects using union, subtract, intersect and difference options. It gets harder when you complete the levels one by one.

Try this game and take good practice for creating logos.

2.Kern Type

Kerning is the amount of space between two characters. It’s a very important fact for typesetting because it helps to increase the readability.

So you can improve your kerning skill through Kern Type. It gives words and you have to move characters in correct position.

Finally, it gives scores according to your kerning.

3.Color Method

Another cool game known as Color Method which helps to understand differences in colours.in this game you should match the colour in given time.

After playing this game you will be able to identify different colour tones and plattes.

Also It has colour blind assistance which is showing shapes according to the colours.

4.The Bezier Game

Pen tool is a very useful tool for selections in Photoshop and illustrator. But you should have a good practice before using the pen tool.

Therefore, this game is best place for practicing pen tool. In this game You have to complete the paths in the shape using pen tool.

At the beginning you will get basic shapes and you can complete every levels one by one.

5.Can’t Unsee

This is a quiz game specially recommended for UI/UX designers. It shows two app interfaces and you have to choose the perfect one.

You can earn coins for every correct answer. you will be able to identify the user interface design mistakes by playing this game because it shows designing tips.


This game tests your knowledge about pixels. you should draw boxes according to given dimensions.

It has five levels and each level you will get scores according to your accuracy drawing. It’s highly recommended for web designers and UX/UX designers.


Are you interested in a font designing? If the answer is yes, then you should play this game. This game also like Bezier game but only difference is letter used here.

Mission of the game is adjusting the path according to font interface. after adjusting the path, it will compare with original interface and display the similarity level in percentage.

Practice makes perfect. So try the above games and develop your skills. These games are really challengeble and it makes more fun. Some games are browser based so try to use new versions of browsers.

Thanks for reading this post and If you think this post is important, please share with others.

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