10 Top Free Photoshop Plugins You Need To Use

free photoshop plugins

Photoshop plugins are third party tools that help to improve your designing workflow. In this post we are going to share top free photoshop plugins that are supported on Mac and Windows. Try to use these plugins to power up your Photoshop to the next level.

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Top Free Photoshop Plugins

Are you tired of finding stock photos for your project? Pexels is the best solution for getting copyright free photos. By adding this plugin, you can access the whole Pexel library through Photoshop.


Top Free Photoshop Plugins

Ink is a plugin that helps you know the size, color and many other layers specifications. Ink works on Photoshop CS6 and newer versions in Windows and Mac. It’s totally free and open source plugin which helps to improve your workflow.


Top Free Photoshop Plugins

You can make custom guides and grids by using griddify plugin. It is an open source plugin and it has two versions for CC and CS6

4.Super PNG

Top Free Photoshop Plugins

Super PNG is an open source plugin for editing PNG files. It provides more advanced options to edit and save your PNG files. It supports Mac and Windows operating systems


Top Free Photoshop Plugins

You can easily convert 3D objects to PNGs by using Pixelsquid. By this plugin can customize object angle and colour according to your design before making the PNG format.


Top Free Photoshop Plugins

 Easily you can make awesome app design mockups using EasyMockups. It contains 10 high quality app presenting mockups which support Photoshop CC 2015.

7.3D Shadow 2.0

Top Free Photoshop Plugins

This is a cool plugin to create shadows of objects, letters and numbers. You can adjust shadow colour opacity etc. in a single window.

8.Camera Raw

Top Free Photoshop Plugins

Camera Raw is a great plugin for photographers because it changes your Photoshop into a mini Lightroom. It has advanced tools and options to edit your raw photos.

9.Comic Kit

Top Free Photoshop Plugins

You can add comic texture to your design by Comic Kit. It contains speed lines, comic patterns and zooming lines that can be added in a few seconds. Its works on CC 2018 and upper versions (Mac and Windows).

10.Align and Distribute

Top Free Photoshop Plugins

This is also another cool plugin that helps to align the text and objects in Photoshop. It has more advanced tools for aligning and distributing.

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